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Dedicated Consultancy to Companies and Individuals


Brusco & Partners offers maximum protection for its customers thanks to a highly qualified team able to support them day by day. We become a strategic partner and an important ally. We provide integrated consultancy services, based on transversal skills, to guarantee a tailor-made management approach for the resolution of all problems.

We also offer customers an in-house service, with periodic visits to their headquarters and / or offices, through which Brusco & Partners Advisors will be able to closely coordinate every activity and intervention directly with the company management.



Corporate Tax Consultancy and Tax Litigation

We offer professional advice and assistance in the following areas: tax, fiscal, corporate, financial and labour, keeping company accounts, drafting the financial statements and auditing. We boast over ten years of proven experience in providing consultancy to associations, trusts, ONLUS and social enterprises or third sector activities. We are at your side in litigation cases with the financial administration.

Business incubator – Start Up and New Economy

Business development support services with a team of professionals able to transform your idea into a productive reality during the start-up phase. We provide support in the creation of Business Plans, in choosing the best managerial strategy and in developing an efficient company organization.

Company Crisis Management

We can assist you in the business evaluation and in the choice of interventions. We assist you in finalizing interventions aimed at the restructuring of your company and its organizational structure.

Subsidized Finance and Contributions

We assist you in the search for subsidized loans, loans, mortgages and in the use of grants and tax credits reserved for your business.


We put our network of international Partners at your disposal to assist you in identifying the foreign areas in which to operate. We define strategies to enter the foreign markets. We can also provide your business with representation, a commercial office or a sales network in the chosen foreign country.

Appraisals and Evaluations

We also assist you as a technical consultant in front of judicial, administrative, financial authorities, arbitrators and experts.

Confident businessmen sitting by table during consultation

Brusco & Partners also takes care of private customers who need support for the fulfilment of economic and tax obligations:

Contracts Area
Tax area
Financial Area

Services detail:

  • Tax, corporate and financial consultancy
  • Labour advisor
  • Accounting, Financial Statements, Due Diligence and Auditing
  • Consultancy and assistance for the internationalization of SMEs
  • Foreign branch office management of Italian companies and stable organization and tax representation of foreign companies in Italy
  • Feasibility plans and search for partnerships for investments in new businesses
  • Assistance for the sale and purchase of new initiatives and related appraisals and evaluations
  • Mergers, divisions, corporate transformations, temporary groupings, joint ventures, committees and other forms of business centralization
  • Associations, Trusts, ONLUS, social enterprise and third sector activities
  • Review of public entities
  • Corporate Finance – national and EU funding
  • Bankruptcy procedures and assistance for out-of-court settlement
  • Assistance in managing fiduciary accounts
  • Tax Advice
  • Accounting services with data entry entrusted to third parties and / or automated data collection directly from the customer
  • Assistance for the design of accounting systems and analysis for third party programming