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A team united by an idea

In 2005, a team of experienced professionals in tax, legal and business consultancy founded a new project with the ambition of assisting companies and individual entrepreneurs in all phases of the development of their activities. Both in the national and international markets. Among the specializations of the group of founding professionals, assistance to public entities also stands out.

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From local to international

Brusco&Partners was founded with the opening of its first office in Rome and after a year of significant customer growth, it opened an office in Milan.

Since 2014 the firm is able to guarantee its support even in the most strategic markets of the world, such as UK, Ireland, UAE and China. This is thanks to the founders’ tenacious vision based on the development of services through the inclusion of new qualified professionals and through the inclusion of a selected network of partners.


Consultancy for Corporate, Tax and Accounting

The Firm has gained solid experience in solving tax and corporate issues of joint stock companies and groups of medium and large companies. The firm provides continuous and competent service able to assist you in every aspect of your business. Either be it ordinary or exceptional.

With our team you will be able to totally outsource the accounting management part of your business as well as be supported in governance and corporate control. The experience in the typical activities of the control body is significant, such as the supervision of compliance with the law, the statute and the principles of proper administration and accounting control. These experiences have also grown with multinationals listed in the stock market, allowing the acquisition of the know-how necessary to deal with complex business realities.

The activites of some shareholders include the direct management of companies, as executive directors, operating in entrepreneurial realities belonging to different sectors. Independent administration in companies present in the stock market.

Create value for companies

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